The Beatles Place

The Beatles Place
…there are places I’ll remember

Enjoy a relaxing meal at the Beatles Place, Bano Street, Pakil, Laguna
The Bealtles Place can put together activities and attractions for would be visitors as follows
…walking tour to the 17th century Franciscan stone church of Pakil.
…mountain adventure. Find Peaceful moments in the quiet soltitude of the mountain terrain. Experience the sights, sounds and smell of the mountain. Safe, guided, half day trail hike into the mountains.
…watching the Magic of Pakil!
with skillfull hands and a few carving tools comes a wooden one piece angel or a bird with wings out of wood shavings.
…visit the artistic quarters of DAN DALENA, Pakil’s best artist.
…enjoy the local “bibingka” ang quench your thirst with fresh buko juice.
…Relax and enjoy listening to the lively sounds of the marching band of Pakil.
…Take a dip in the miraculous Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de Turumba swimming pool…the miracle WATER OF PAKIL.
Seasonal Events
Viernes Santo
Turumba rituals
Comedia – if Available
Ahunan sa Pingas
Flores de Mayo

For small and intimate gatherings, the Beatles Place is a great venue. As the name implies, it features a lot of memorabilias about the famous band of the four guys from England.

It has a good sound system and can accommodate 100 persons which is perfect for reunions, seminars and birthdays.


The Beatles Place is located at Bano St., Bgy. Bano, Pakil, Laguna .
Contact Person: Teresa Saldana Sanchez
Contact no. 0999 502 4352

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