Panghulo (Turumba Springs)

Located in Barangay Baño, the Turumba Springs Resort or the Panghulo (formerly known as Nuestra Señora delos Dolores de Turumba Swimming Pool) has attracted people from neighboring towns to enjoy the clear water coming from the mountain tops of the Sierra Madre.
The resort which is composed of two swimming pools are packed with children and adults, especially during the summer vacation. Jeepneys and vans from neighboring provinces of Quezon and Rizal visit the resort to cool off from the summer heat. Some people who visit the pool also carry jugs or water containers to bring home water from the spring. According to some of the elderly people who go to the pool, its waters are miraculous and has cured various ailments and sickness which afflicted them before dipping into the pool.So, if you’re planning to visit Pakil, be sure to pack some extra clothes. Your trip to Pakil will never be complete without taking a dip in the swimming pool. Visitors are charged a minimal entrance fee to help maintain the pool, but its worth it. Facilities have also been improved in the resort with additional tables and dining areas around the pool.

The pool is also the a source of income for the municipal government which is the reason why there is a minimal charge for each person. Price vary for adults and children

From  WowPhilippines:

“It started as a swampy place where tubers and ferns grew around a big stone, until 1732, when Fr. Fernando de Haro supervised its clearing before the church construction. Following the visit of Doña Aurora A. Quezon, wife of the President Quezon, to the area in 1938, a swimming pool was constructed and named after her.”

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