E & R Handicrafts

At the edge of the town heading towards the town of Pangil, you will find E&R Handicrafts which is famous for its wood filigree products . It is here where soft wood from the lanite, anlang and malapapaya trees, which are mere weeds in the forest are shaped, whittled and carved into miniature decor items. As you roam around the makeshift showroom, you may see an artisan beginning to whittle on a stick of white wood. After 20 minutes or so, he would have formed a delicate swan, a feathery bird or an angel.
E & R Handicrafts is a manufacturer / exporter of wooden home decors, x-mas decors and wood carvings. They sell a wide-range of decors from tissue holders, jewelry boxes and other filigree products.

175 Tavera St. Pakil, Laguna Philippines.
Phone: 049/557-0009
Fax: 049/557-0009
Contact Person: RUDEL L. SAN GASPAR

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