Dalena House

Another attraction in Pakil is the house of National Artist Danilo Echavarria Dalena where his best paintings can be seen. His critically acclaimed series’ Jai Alai, Alibangbang can be viewed in his home. The house is located across the town plaza and facing the church. Before taking up painting, he worked as an illustrator and political cartoonist during the Marcos years.

Due to the proximity of his house to the church and town plaza, some of his oil paintings depicted images from events like the Turumba Festival, Holy Week processions and the komedya.

Dan Dalena was previously married to Julie Lluch, also a noted Filipina sculptor who produced and acted in the prize-winning short film “Yuta, Earth Art of Julie Lluch Dalena”. Among her public sculpture commissions include the statues of Ninoy Aquino and Arsenio Lacson along Roxas Boulevard –http://www.kulay-diwa.com/julie_lluch

The Dalena children are also making a name for themselves in the art/film world. Both Kiri Lluch Dalena and Sari Raissa Lluch Dalena are into film and sculpture. While Aba Lluch Dalena is into painting and sculpture.

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