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Leo 17 Countryside Inn

Leo 17 Countryside Inn Rizal Street, Pakil, Laguna Provides cozy comfort while in the pilgrimage village of Pakil.

The Beatles Place

The Beatles Place …there are places I’ll remember

San Pedro de Alcantara Church

The first community of Pakil was organized and founded by Fr. Pedro Bautista (later canonized as a saint, San Pedro Bautista) in 1588 and he designated a place for the church and plaza in Pakil. Back then, Pakil was a visita of Paete until 1676 when Fr. Francisco de Barajas was assigned as permanent minister […]

E & R Handicrafts

At the edge of the town heading towards the town of Pangil, you will find E&R Handicrafts which is famous for its wood filigree products . It is here where soft wood from the lanite, anlang and malapapaya trees, which are mere weeds in the forest are shaped, whittled and carved into miniature decor items.

Dalena House

Another attraction in Pakil is the house of National Artist Danilo Echavarria Dalena where his best paintings can be seen. His critically acclaimed series’ Jai Alai, Alibangbang can be viewed in his home. The house is located across the town plaza and facing the church. Before taking up painting, he worked as an illustrator and political cartoonist during the Marcos years.

Panghulo (Turumba Springs)

Located in Barangay Baño, the Turumba Springs Resort or the Panghulo (formerly known as Nuestra Señora delos Dolores de Turumba Swimming Pool) has attracted people from neighboring towns to enjoy the clear water coming from the mountain tops of the Sierra Madre.